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 If you are work-driven, qualified, and want to join our dedicated team—we have a place for you. 

Full time


I am looking for motivated medical assistants that have a strong work ethic and can think outside of the box.  Critical thinking is a must. 
Job duties include  taking patients back to the room, obtaining accurate vital signs, reviewing and updating medication list, health history, family-history and taking a brief history of the reason for visit today.  They also will initiate in-office testing (pregnancy test, urinalysis, rapid strep screening).  Medical assistants are expected to return patient phone calls and communicate lab/imaging/test results to patients with the provider’s guidance.  Support staff are responsible for cleaning and stocking exam rooms, ordering supplies, setting up procedure trays, and running the autoclave. Experience is beneficial, but I am willing to train new grads if they are the right fit.  Please submit a resume to

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